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This place is super legit. For the amount of work they do you cant beat the price. Super nice guys in there. They know all their customers by name and truely care for their craft. Never going anywhere else but here!

Chemo TheKid

I first went to Ashor about 4 years ago at a difrent barbershop by word of mouth. About a year ago he opened up this shop and so I followed. He has been my go to guy since because he actually takes time to cut my hair. Always does a great job and keeps it professional.

Justin S

Great fades. These guys know how to cut hair. Very professional and clean place.

Edmon Gebrael

Consistently great haircuts. Unbeatable prices and space. Overall best place to get your haircuts.

Chris Marcos

Ashor has been cutting my hair for over 6 years now. Hands down the best barber I’ve ever went to, & can’t imagine going to anyone else. When I knew Ashor opened up his own spot I had to follow him.

Mike S

Fantastic work man !!!! So much talent here!!! Any time I go to Ashor Fade I always have a pleasant experience. Customer service is super and Ashor take his time on your hair, he will not rush you. Go there and find out yourself and I promise he’ll be your next barber.

Ali Parekh

Gave this place a try a couple days ago and it was great. First time I went to a different barber in 2 years. Im going to keep coming back.

Emanuel Zaya

Best haircuts in skokie with the best prices. The staff is hilarious. You won’t be disappointed.

Simon Rasho